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Group Training

Lassen’s Health Foods Ventura California

Lassen’s Health Foods Ventura California Local central and Southern California store. One of the highest prices in town. You have to decide if its worth it. I am not saying its not. I get many things from there. Its the only place I have found that does real juicing with veggies. I have not checked Read more...

3500 calories equal a 1 lb of fat- exercise approach

How to shift your thought patterns to get faster results 1 lb of added muscle a week will burn and extra 50 calories a day at rest by

Dollar store Diet by John P Latham

Chapter 1 Dollar store store diet By JP Latham Dollar Store Diet! 1 I have heard many times that it is expensive to eat lean and healthy. I’ve got great news! I have found a way to eat and lose any amount of weight you would like. I have written this based on my own Read more...

A deeper look at the power of the “approach.”

Every single person walking this earth can acheive there GOALS with fitness and health! I guarantee it!

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