JP Latham is not just a fitness expert, he is able to show his clients how to put the fitness and nutrition puzzle together and keep it there.

As a child growing up in Arkansas he witnessed his father suffer through numerous heart attacks and eventually receiving a heart transplant. This experience at a young age is what opened his eyes to the importance of physical fitness and nutrition in his life. By the age of 12 he knew that helping people with their fitness goals would be his lifetime career and even received his first certification just barely out of High School.
To this date he has trained over 40,000 people throughout the entire U.S, and has recently brought his decade of experience to Ventura County. His unique training style encompasses signature exercises, daily motivations, and nutritional support to maximize his clients’ success. While most trainers treat the people they train as a business relationship, John truly cares about each and everyone of his clients on a personal level, and even provides services pro bono when necessary, just so he is able to make a change in someone’s life.

He is living proof that a positive attitude is a huge piece to the success puzzle regardless of your situation. If you have a desire to get in shape, he will without a doubt provide the motivation and tools to help you achieve great success. With the belief that your body and mind reinvent themselves daily, he has never met a client that is too far gone and unable to reach their goals.

The JP Latham roadmap to success includes:

  • Proper exercise technique and safety
  • How to get what you want out of fitness
  • Self Accountability
  • Mental Discipline
  • Education of Fitness
  • How to plan for short term and long term results
  • Motivation/ inspiration
  • How your current meal determines your choice of your next meal
  • How to keep your metabolism high 24/7

What they are saying…

“Jenna Key -Past  Personal Training client “I feel that the knowledge I learned from John will last me a life time and I am now confident that I am doing all I can to get the maximum results of my workouts.
“Danielle Harris – past Personal Training Client “Change began to happen as I changed my diet and exercise to what JP prescribed. I am staying committed and will continue to watch my body transform”
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